About Us

Nitarudi Afrika Safaris is a destination management company in Kenya, owned and run by people with a good knowledge of East Africa, an excellent tourist destination.

Our experience as a tour operator spans over many years of organizing and turning the dreams into reality for many visitors to East Africa. Whether you are a family seeking a moment to strengthen the family bond away from home… a company seeking to foster a refined and a clear corporate vision amongst your valued employees away from often stress-filled work environment … a newlywed couple in search of a place to have a memorable honeymoon… or simply an avid lover of nature and its marvel, Nitarudi Afrika Safaris will be there to make it happen.

Our Services
What can Nitarudi Afrika Safaris do for you?

There are many different ways to explore the wilds of East Africa. We are here to make all the necessary travel arrangements for you and provide you with a detailed itinerary, maps, brochures and advice on what to do and see and set you off to experience your adventure in the wild. An ideal and hassle free way to arrange a holiday! Options also exist where you join a small group of likeminded travelers on a pre-scheduled, guided tour.

The following is a brief overview of the services offering.
Ground Handling

For our partners in the travel trade, we offer our experience with large incentive groups, leisure groups, family groups, honeymooners and self drive safari enthusiasts, taking care of all your travel requirements from the moment you arrive to the day you leave. We enjoy a number of longstanding partnerships with local operators and can thus, in turn offer you extremely competitive rates with tried and tested service delivery.

You don’t need to book one item with one company and another item with another company. We help you with airport meet and greet packages, transfers, accommodation, flights, excursions, day trips and even tailor-made adventures. We have extensive knowledge of the countries we operate in, and continue to sample various accommodation options offered thus able to give informed view to our clients.

Tour Planning

Nitarudi Afrika Safaris continually develops and improves upon our product range of fascinating tours, combining unique destinations to end up with exclusive experiences. Our products and our services are driven by the quality of service delivery, which is what separates us from our competitors.

Ours is a belief to maintain the hard earned positive relationships with our current and potential clients – working closely with them to guarantee that their needs are met and that they receive the best services. Over the numerous years that we have been in business, we have built and continue to build a strong reputation within the industry, with our clients as well as with our agents.

Destination Marketing

We have extensive experience in tourism and have built up key contacts world-wide. Nitarudi Afrika Safaris is gradually establishing its mark as experts in connecting our product outlay to inbound and outbound clientele world-wide. We at Nitarudi Afrika Safaris work closely with all our business partners and can be seen as an extension of their operations in East Africa. We continually provide product education, facilitation of sales opportunities and business closure on behalf of our business partners. We also discuss rates and ensure that all inbound and outbound clientele have the best that we can offer.

Why Book with Us?
We are a unique ground operator

A safari holiday is, at most times, a considerable investment. Before spending thousands of hard earned dollars, it is our belief that you should have a very clear idea of why you should work with us. If you are set on visiting Africa, whether on your first trip or a returning visit, it is our duty to ensure that each aspect of your valued holiday meets your requirements.

The benefit of travelling with a dedicated ground handler as ourselves is the unique and in depth knowledge that our Travel Consultants uses in planning your holiday. We ensure that the very best customer service is accorded to you – thus, we are constantly awaiting feedback from you, our client.

From experience we have noted that each traveler has a unique perception of a good holiday. Collectively, our staff at Nitarudi Afrika Safaris have been receiving guests, and assisting guests into East Africa for over twenty years – of course, most of them, having worked for other safari companies before settling down with us. It is our wish to give you the value for money and experience that gives you a peace of mind when you book your holiday with us.

We know the importance of providing you with the best possible holiday experience, and that is why we are best prepared to work with you on all aspects of your safari holiday – from planning to actual safari.