Kenyan Coast

The Kenya Coast is a perfect place to relax in style; with palm fringed beaches and the warm Indian ocean lapping against the shore. This is an exotic location and an exciting place to be, perfect for diving, snorkeling, big game fishing and a whole host of water sports, or if you need to unwind this tropical paradise is just for a place to relax and sunbathe. The coral reefs and marine parks are home to colourful fish and dolphins, even whales are sometimes seen. A vibrant historical past, also makes the Swalhili culture and architecture of the region an interesting place to visit.

No visit to the continent of Africa is complete without a visit to the coastal Indian Ocean beaches and the adjacent romantic islands. After your safari, take a few days to relax at the warm tropical beaches and explore thier sorroundings. You can also visit the beaches exclusively but remember to take a Safari Excursion into the mainland. Remember to visit one of the following coastal destinations on your trip and it will definitely spice up your African Vacation.

With Kenya beach destinations stretching from Mombasa in the south, through Malindi and Watumu and north to Lamu, the traders of Arabia, Portugal, China and India have woven a special magic through this unique coastline.

Both Malindi and Watamu are popular tourist resorts and have marine reserves and stunning beaches. Lamu Island is an enchanting place and worth a visit. Just north of Lamu is Kiwayu Island which has the reputation of being the beach and watersports retreat of the rich and famous.

Time spent relaxing on these beaches makes the perfect end to any safari in Kenya. A stay incorporating Kenya ‘s beaches can be tailor-made to suit your budget and the time you have available.