Madagascar is a strange and exotic land filled with palm trees and golden beaches. Perhaps, you’ve heard of the penguins of Madagascar? Well, there are no penguins here but you’ll find plenty of exotic and beautiful creatures found only on the island; the world’s fourth largest.

Madagascar is home to unique and diverse flora and fauna. It is famous for its lemurs and breath-taking landscapes that ranges from extinct volcanoes to grassy plateaus, rain forests, tropical islands, lazy rivers and ancient reefs.

Madagascar is for the adventurous. You can hike along the vast terracotta canyons, explore the underground caves or feel the warm breeze of the ocean as you stroll along the beautiful beaches.

A Madagascar safari is unlike that of the mainland Africa. You won’t find the Big Five animals. The sub-continent split away from Africa way before elephants or lions evolved, which makes it one of the world’s most diverse and unique safari destinations.