Ruaha National Park

Tanzania Safari –  Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania. It is one of the few wilderness areas where one can have a rare experience of game viewing coupled with the stunning landscape. Ruaha is rich in wildlife such as the Greater Kudu that is not found in any other park.

Ruaha National Park has a high diversity of plants and animals including elephants, buffalos, antelopes and some of rare and endangered species like wild dogs.

Ruaha is believed to have high concentration of elephants than any national park in East Africa. It is also a place where, magnificent mammals like Kudu (both Greater and Lesser), Sable and Roan antelopes can easily be spotted in Miombo woodland.

The park is one of the Tanzania Safari birds’ paradise with more than 570 species; some of which are known to be migrants from other parts of Africa, Europe, Asia, Australian rim and Madagascar. Species of interest in the park include Ruaha red-billed hornbill which is dominant in the area.

The Great Ruaha River acts as a lifeline for the park; it acts as the main source of water for the wildlife during the dry season. This is in addition to the various natural springs.