Samburu National Reserve

Kenya Safari – Samburu is home to large herds of elephants and elusive leopards. It is also well known for providing the opportunity to see wildlife that only lives in the dry north of Kenya.

En route to the reserve, one encounters striking features such as the crossing of the equator in Nanyuki and the background of Mount Kenya as you travel towards the northern hemisphere. Huge Blue Mountains in the horizon along with the white of the snow-capped mount Kenya are quite warming to visitors.

The Samburu people inhabit the region and are pastoralists and nomads. Their intriguing cultural practices and values are a landmark for the Kenya Safari.

Samburu National Reserve is a top tourist destination and there is plenty to see and do as far as wildlife is concerned. The area is inhabited by a wide variety of animals, more so the rare species such as the long- necked gerenuk, gravy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and Beisa oryz. Other animals include the leopard, the mighty lion, elephants, crocodiles can be seen swimming in the Ewaso Nyiro River along with the hippo. As the Samburu people are pastoralists, domestic animals such as goats, cattle and camels can be spotted within the Reserve’s boundaries.

The Park has an abundant species of birds; ornithologists consider the park as heaven sent. Other spectacles include the crocodiles fighting over meat during feeding time.