Walking Safaris

Going on an African safari is an incredible experience. From the moment your feet touches the African soil, you are setup for an out-of-this world experience.
Most visitors to Kenya go on the normal game drive safaris, where they roam through the parks either in a safari van or a 4×4 land cruiser. This type of safari lets you enjoy the vistas, wildlife and plains from the comfort of your vehicles.

However, for the adventurous, there a different type of safari which is enriching; walking safaris. On a walking safari, you get to experience a 360 view of the wildlife and nature. The small details such as plants, animals that are often overlooked on game drives become apparent from the slower paced, feet touching the ground and guided walking safari.

Beautiful Nature Trails
The walking safari begins from the moment you wake up and take a refreshing hot cup of tea or coffee. After a short brief by the safari guide, the journey across the openings, thickets and nature trails begins. For the next couple of days, you are set in for a memorable experience. On a walking safari and with the leadership of your guide, you are free to stop and inspect tracks left by the wild animals. You will also get up close to the gentle animals like the giraffe, elephants and zebras among others.

You’ll have a refreshing break mid the walking trails to munch on the packed lunches and snacks. The break also allows you to soak in and relive the beauty of the last few hours. You’ll set up camp in various spots, depending on the duration of the walking safari.

We are one of the few safari companies that offer captivating walking safaris in addition to the normal game drives. Walking safaris is the perfect way to enjoy breath-taking sunrises and sundowners, soak in the beauty of the nature, get up close to the wildlife, interact with local communities and create lifetime memories with your friends and family.